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The "Enfer": "Enfer" is defined by the 1966 Larousse as being part of a library containing licentious books prohibited to the public. This collection offers aware amateurs and researchers the 1730 titles of erotic literature listed by Guillaume Apollinaire and Pascal Pia up to 1972, after which no books have been added to the french National Library's Enfer in Paris.
Comics and Illustrated Books: Image books where you can discover French draftsman and little-known talents from the other side of the Atlantic. In their drawings, we discover original graphics in which even the sometimes surprisingly violent lines do not detract from the representiveness off their times.
Fictions: The main idea behind this collection is that it attempts to do away with a certain standardized image of erotica. We will be publishing contemporary texts that simply try to review all the disciplines, in a happy and dynamic world reflecting a libido without taboo or prohibition, lewd and liberated.
Illustrated fictions: This collection offers the best fetishist novels published before the war, with illustrations by sublime Carlo, the "Master of patent leather". A collection for booklovers.
What's new: Find all our collection, all our titles to appear.
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